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An Unexpected Surprise

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Wyndham Garden on Okaloosa Island, in partnership with Emerald Coast Catering Services, was named 3rd in the Top Wedding Venues of Fort Walton Beach. We are more than humbled by this honor. Please find a message from the owner below.

"As with anyone else in this industry, there are days I question my own sanity for diving in to such an all-consuming career. The long hours, last minute “save the days”, constant promoting, and unforeseen circumstances takes a toll. However, every rough situation has 10 good ones, and watching a couple leave at the end of the night, with a smile on their face from what me and my team created, is the reason I come to work every day. To even be considered as a top venue, let alone ranked at number three, is validation we weren’t even looking for. This is such a blessing to share with my incredible staff that has my back every day, even when I know some days, they are ready to kill me. So as much pride as this brings me, I have to also praise the talented people that help raise the elegance and execution of my company every single day. I am thankful for such an honor."

-Michelle Anders

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