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What's The Big Idea??

2021 has only just started, and we are already seeing many challenges in the Event Industry. Most venues in the area are either limited capacity, or just all together closed. Getting your name out there has been slightly difficult, for us and our local vendors. That’s why we decided to host the first annual, 2021 Wedding Season Preview. The idea came to us, after finding out that the area bridal fairs had been canceled due to COVID. As much of a let down as it was for us, after talking with some vendors, we realized it was even worse for them.

From makeup artists to bakers, these people needed a way to promote their services, just as much as we needed our

venue booked. The best solution, we thought, was to put together this event. With the help of our amazing resident DJ’s, Epic and Elegant Entertainment, we were able to set up an amazing mock reception set up, with their latest, top of the line lighting and sound equipment, as well as their super fun photo booth. As you entered our ballroom, you got an instant feel for your dream reception. Now, as guests were enjoying champagne, they got to go booth to booth, meeting with each of our fantastic vendors. This night turned into a truly magical evening, all thanks to the incredible volunteers that allowed us to host this event. Please find a list of all participants on our Vendor Page.

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