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COVID Cancelations

Well, here we are. Exactly 8 days into the new year, and we got our first Covid call.

After a year full of cancellations in 2020, the stack of files with red lines through the dates was already too high. A blank calendar allowed us to perfect our safety precautions, tested and fine tuned. One week out from our first wedding of the new year, and you could almost see our faces turning blue from holding our breaths. Was this bride actually going to make it down the isle? Just as we were preparing to place the linen orders, the phone rings. The soon to be groom is showing symptoms.

Who knows what this year will bring, but the Wedding and Event industry is hurting. Looking back on past years, remembering the excitement of planning. The thrill of seating charts and table settings for 150. The joy and accomplishment of being surrounded by happy guests. Sending out wedding invitations used to be the highlight of a well planned reception, and now brides are questioning if they should do a ceremony at all.

I know things are and can be so much worse. This issue may seem small to many, but just think about that one person who's been planning a dream wedding since they were 6. It still can and will happen. We are all going down this road for the first time together, but we will come back stronger. I can imagine, once its safe, parties and gatherings being better than ever before, as we all tell stories about that one time. We will be able to take comfort in things we once took for granted. So, we here at Emerald Coast Catering are hanging on. We will be here, ready and waiting, to plan your perfect day.

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